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Enter into the World of FBC...

Artist : Francisco Bravo Cabrera 

Valencia, Spain based Omnia Caelum Studios always has the art world wondering what they are going to do next. FBC (Francisco Bravo Cabrera)’s paintings and drawings - in all forms - are highly accessible and are gaining increasing attention worldwide. 

A brief word from Francisco .. 


“My art is a quest for the perfect mix of improvisation, spontaneity and rhythm.  That is why I am a “jazz” artist.  I create following the three rules of Jazz music: Improvisation, the player composes as he plays and rhythm.  Art is a medium for communication and a weapon against the mundane.  Colours are art in themselves and convey messages without the need for figures but figures speak to the depth of the human brain being archetypes of our own thoughts and actions.”


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Dear All ... I am Francisco Bravo Cabrera, also known as "Bodo Vespaciano" in the art world.  

I have been exhibiting internationally since 2003.  In addition to my acrylic paintings with vibrant colors and themes of Jazz, Dance, Body, Musical Instruments and various symbols , there is also my drawing series;  “JazzArt”  and "DanseArt". They are composed of all original graphite and ink on paper that depict the art of jazz, dance and the intensity of the music that guides it.  

I live and work in Spain and operate my Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia in the most vibrant neighborhood called Russafa in the city of Valencia.  

My art has led me to also write a blog, Omnia Caelum Blogs, which I invite you to follow at

I have showcased in solo and group exhibitions around the world. I hope my art speaks to you and will warm your world if you decide to make them a permanent addition to your collections. 

I leave you with

Peace and Love ...


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Welcome: Works

TO BUY ,,,

Once you review my paintings and drawings, you may want to purchase one or a few ! ! !

Best way to get a quick reply from me regarding price and shipment is as follows.

Send an email with the following information.

  • For paintings; the name of the painting.

  • For drawings; the number assigned to the drawing. 

  • Location where the artwork needs to be shipped. 

Once the above information is received, I will send you an email with the cost of the artwork and the shipping alternatives. Some paintings will require to be shipped in a rollup format and others can be securely packaged inside a box.  Drawings will be send secured with cardboards and support on each side to ensure a smooth delivery.

Thank you. 


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Original artwork by Francisco Bravo Cabrera (a. k. a. Bodo Vespaciano) property of Francisco Bravo Cabrera and protected under US copyright laws.  It is unlawful to copy any image or partial image without the expressed written permission of Francisco Bravo Cabrera. C.2021 USA/UE

All Rights Reserved - Derechos Reservados

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